World’s First 360-degree Infinity Pool Proposed for London Skyline

The infinity pool is the Holy Grail of the Instagram-fuelled thirst for luxe living. But while most infinity pools run off one side to give the illusion of a cascading drop, the proposed Infinity London is a rooftop infinity pool concept that extends in all directions. And if it goes ahead, it will be the first in the world to do so.

Conceived by Compass Pools, Infinity London is as described as the “only building in the world to incorporate a 360-degree infinity pool”. The pool is imagined atop a 220-metre-high, 55-storey skyscraper and would contain 600,000 litres of water and be surrounded by clear acrylic walls. The bottom of the pool would also be transparent.

With no sides or deck, one of the most interesting aspects of the concept is how swimmers would actually enter the pool. Compass Pools have therefore designed a custom hatch in the pool bottom, taking inspiration from submarine-style doors. The pool’s clear bottom also means visitors below can views the swimmers.


The pool’s heating system will use waste energy from the air condition system of the building, and a built-in anemometer will allow for the monitoring of wind speed, which can often reach dangerous levels as such heights. A computer-controlled building management system will also keep an eye on conditions.

As it stands, the Infinity London concept is just that and doesn’t even have a location. There are also serious question marks about safety. But if it were to go ahead, the aim is for a five-star hotel to occupy the top floors of the tower, with the pool available for guests to use. Keep an eye over at the Compass Pools Website for updates.


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