Is this the sexiest pen ever?

We live in a world of touchscreens, keyboards and stylus’ but writing with a pen on paper is still something many of us cherish. Every person should own a great pen. Whether that’s as simple as a basic Parker fountain pen or as wonderful as a Mont Blanc masterpiece. A special pen is something own and cherish and the don’t come much more special than the Cambiano Millenial Kauri by Pininfarina.

This pen is not only stunning to look at but it is ink-less. It uses an ETHERGRAF tip that microscopically “scratches” common paper oxidising it and leaving a “light but indelible stretch”. Taken direct from the Pininfarina website – “Due to its porosity, the common paper – that is the cellulose not treated paper (formed by vegetable fibers bonded through a process that is called “felting”) – is in fact a material which perfectly reacts to the passage of the metal tip.” Seems like magic to us, but we’re assured it works and works well.

The pen is 100% made in Italy and the wood part is really rather special too. It is made from the “oldest wood in the world” – Kauri Millenario Riva. This is wood originates from New Zealand and first appeared in the Jurassic period. Today the Kauri Millenario Riva is protected and cannot be cut down. Instead 50,000 year old logs are ‘mined’ from the earth and used for all sort of expensive items. Things like tables etc. Pininfarina take some of that ancient wood and carve it into this pen.

You have to agree that it is one beautiful writing instrument. All that exclusivity doesn’t come cheap though. The pen is around £135 but in a world where Monc Blanc charges over £1000 for some of its pens, that price doesn’t seem too bad. Especially given the materials it’s made from.

The Kauri Millenario Riva is available directly from Pininfarina’s webstore.

Would you pay £135 for a pen? I’m thinking it would look rather good on my desk at Average Joes HQ. What do you think? Let us know in the comments.