To aid the Hong Kong housing crisis, design studio James Law Cybertecture has developed a prototype for low-cost, stackable micro homes set in concrete pipes called OPODs. Each pod is only 2.5m wide and 9.3m long meaning they can easily slot into gaps between much large buildings in the city.

These Concrete Pipe Pods Could Help the Hong Kong Housing Crisis

Much like many other major cities around the globe, thanks to a growing population and rises prices, Hong Kong is suffering an affordable housing crisis. James Law Cybertecture are looking to change that. Called OPod Tube Housing, the project sees concrete water pipes transformed into modern, compact homes, with doors that can be unlocked using smartphones.

The idea is that the tubular structures can be piled up on top of one another, creating affordable starter homes for young generations in vacant locations across Hong Kong city centre. Inside the curved concrete walls, the home contains everything you’d need for living, cooking and bathing.


Each pod comes with a fully glazed front panel which doubles as a door as well as a window, and additional natural light is provided by lighting under the shelves and a retractable lamp set into the wall. The interior walls are whitewashed too, wooden floors has try to lighten the brutalist exterior.


A bench seat can be folded down to also function as a bed, with the bench’s cushions doubling as a mattress. There’s also still room left for a mini fridge, a microwave cooker, and a rail to hang clothes. The rear part of the OPOD is where the bathroom is located and is screened off from the rest of the pod.

The James Law Cybertecture OPODs are not intended to be a permanent solution to the housing crisis, but they could provide some temporary relief with each pod only costing £11,000 to manufacture, meaning they could be rented out for less than £300 a month. The project is still in the experimental stages but head over to the James Law Cybertecture Website for more details.




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