It’s been an interesting few weeks for renowned design house Bjarke Ingels Group (BIG). Not only did the release images from inside the new Noma restaurant in Copenhagen, they’ve also just received zoning approval for the ambitious King Street West development in Toronto.

BIG Get the Green Light for ‘King Toronto’ Complex

The ‘King Toronto’ development, as it’s otherwise known, was first unveiled in 2016 and has just gained zoning approval in Canada’s largest city. Designed by Bjarke Ingels’ firm, the housing complex features stacks of cubes, arranged in an undulated form to create a series of ‘peaks and valleys’.

The concept was inspired by architect Safdie’s famed Habitat 67 project in Montreal. “With King Street West, we wanted to find an alternative to the tower and podium you see a lot of in Toronto and revisit some of Safdie’s revolutionary ideas,” said Ingels.


The 613,543-square-foot building is set to be built between Spadina Avenue and Portland Street, with its wave-like roof formed from five ‘peaks’ of various heights. Each section of the building will provide anywhere from six to sixteen floors, with each abode offering private balconies and terraces for residents.


Each room (or ‘pixel’) is rotated 45 degrees from the street grid to increase exposure, light and air all year round. Along with the numerous green spaces, King Toronto will include a central courtyard and urban forest, as well as ‘the potential for urban farming’, according to BIG.

BIG’s King Toronto will also integrate areas for retail and offices around the base on the building, with residents on top. Check out more about King Toronto over at the BIG Website.




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