LEGO Introduces Large Customisable Wooden Figures

LEGO is paying tribute to the original wooden figure it first released in 1978. A 5:1 upscale version of the standard LEGO ‘minifig’, the new LEGO Originals Wooden Minifigure was designed in partnership with Room Copenhagen and measures in at 7 inches tall.

LEGO Originals’ limited edition Wooden Minifigure measures in at 20cm x 11cm x 9cm and features an oak body, traditional plastic hands and a LEGO logo on top of its head. Those who purchase the figure also have the option of customising it to fit their interests.

The accompanying gift box includes a 28-page collector’s booklet explaining the history of LEGO’s iconic minifigure, the work that went into developing the wooden version, as well as a few examples of how LEGO designers personalised their own wooden figures. 29 LEGO bricks are also included for some extra customisation.

The LEGO designer’s versions of the Wooden Minifigure was on show over the weekend at a pop-up gallery in London’s Covent Garden for guests to see at the pop-up. But if you want one for yourself it will cost you a fair bit. Priced £109, the LEGO Originals Wooden Minifigure goes on general sale on Friday 8 November over at the LEGO Website.

In the summer, the Danish block masters unveiled their first ever collaboration with motorbike specialists Harley-Davidson for the LEGO Creator Expert Harley-Davidson Fat Boy.