Staying in a treehouse will never not sound incredibly cool. It’s been ingrained in us since childhood and yet very few of us have ever actually had the experience. But there are opportunities closer to home than you might imagine. With that in mind, take a look at the Lost Meadow Treepod in Cornwall.

Escape the City in This Hanging Treepod in Cornwall

Found in a secluded spot at the southern end of Bodmin Moor, the Lost Meadow Treepod might be more pod than traditional treehouse, but it still promises all the quirks of one. Looking akin to a small wooden Death Star, the Treepod is suspended between two trees and is available to book now if you’re after a truly unique holiday destination.

The lightweight structure itself is clad in cedar shingles, having once been solely covered in canvas. As well as minimising the impact on the trees, the pod is also built to withstand huge weights, with design inspiration taken from early zeppelin engineering.


The sustainable, spherical abode is accessed by a sturdy wooden staircase. Inside, you’ll find a ceiling window where you can watch the stars at night, as well as a double-glazed window which offers panoramic views through the trees and down the nearby river. There’s also a wood burner inside, making it suitable for stays all year round.


As well as the Treepod itself, during a stay at the Lost Meadow you’ll also have 20 acres of woodland to roam, which features hammocks and a babbling river complete with stepping stones. Below the tent is a kitchen hut, a fire circle, and there’s even a riverside living ‘room’ in an afternoon suntrap 20m away.

The Lost Meadow Treepod is available to book now over at the Canopy and Stars Website, with prices starting from £200 for two nights.


One of the coolest treehouses we’ve come across in recent years is the Pinecone Treehouse located just outside San Jose, California. Designed and built by Dustin Feider, the treehouse was built to offer 360 degree views of the forest’s upper canopy.



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