Løvtag’s Treetop Cabin Hotel in the Danish Forest is Now Open

The first of nine exclusive treetop cabins has just been unveiled by Løvtag in northern Denmark. Designed by architect Sigurd Larsen and found 8 metres high in the forest canopy, the cabins have been created with signature Nordic minimalism in mind and utilise every cubic centimetre of space to provide a tranquil retreat in Scandinavia.

The Løvtag treetop hotel is located in a small forest by Als Odde, a rural destination in the northern part of Denmark close to both the sea and Mariager Fjord. Perfect for biking, hiking and fishing, the cabin offers groups of up to four people the chance to explore the Danish wilderness while staying a unique setting.

Inside, the cabin is both modern, comfortable and ‘hyggelig’. Built 6-8 meters up the tree, guests will find the old pine tree itself at the centre of the cabin, ensuring they’re truly close to nature. Large windows to the south and west also ensure that the accommodation benefits from ample natural light.


The “ground floor” Løvtag’s cabin features a double bed, a double sofabed, kitchen, toilet and an outdoor shower under the canopy. A staircase on the ground floor leads onto the roof terrace of the cabin where you can relax in the wooden top, grill a salmon from Mariager Fjord or just enjoy the view of the forest.


Breakfast is also included with any stay at Løvtag and consists of homemade crispbread, butter, organic jam, tea, coffee and apple juice from a local orchard. In addition to the above, you can buy a supplementary breakfast delivered by the local bakery.

While Løvtag’s Treetop Cabin Hotel is officially now open, the cabin is fully booked up until May 2020 with the exception of a few days in December. A stay starts at £235 per night for 2 persons. Find out more over at the Løvtag Website.


If you’re after a treetop cabin experience elsewhere in Scandinavia, check out the Pan Treetop Cabins in Norway’s Finnskogen forest and the Bergaliv Landscape Hotel found in the treetops of Sweden’s Åsberget mountain.