One of our favourite architecture firms on the planet, Snøhetta, have finally completed a new hub for Calgary’s public library. Having joined forces with local studio Dialog, the New Central Library in Canada features a crystalline exterior and a curved atrium clad in timber slats.

Snøhetta's New Central Library in Calgary is Now Open

Having won a competition in 2013, the 240,000-square-foot New Central Library is now open to the public. The library is the latest cultural area to be built in the East Village area of Calgary following the likes of the National Music Centre which was completed last year.

Intended to evoke a chinook – not the helicopter but a natural phenomenon in North America which results in dramatic arched cloud formations – the new library is clad with white and transparent glass panels and features an arch shape on the underside of the building and curves which run in multiple directions above the entrance.


Upon entering the New Central Library, visitors arrive into a large 25m-high atrium in the centre of the building, with the space shaped like a canoe. The interior is almost entirely lined with hemlock wood slats which cover walls, staircases and balustrades to help the acoustics in the open space.


As well as featuring plenty seating and work spaces, there’s also a café and dedicated children’s area with child-sized doors, ladders and furniture where they can read and play. The library also encloses a fully operational light rail line that was already part of the given site.

Take a look at more Snøhetta projects over at their Website and take a look at two of our favourite Snøhetta designs; the ‘Under’ seafood restaurant and Svart Powerhouse Hotel.




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