Summer may officially be over in the UK but we couldn’t wait until next year to share some stellar BBQ content. So with that in mind, take a look at the Noori V01. Brazilian-made, the barbecue transports users back to a time when ‘cooking with fire was at the core of our rituals.’ It’s also probably the most attractive BBQ we’ve ever seen.

Is the Noori V01 the Most Attractive BBQ Ever Made?

With its multipurpose stove, which can be used as a barbecue, a pizza oven or a fire pit, the Noori V01 features a curved body made from heat-resistant concrete that’s split into two sections. Within the stove, an L-shaped enamelled pipe contains the fuel and directs heat up through the centre of the stove towards a grill.

Even if you can’t picture it, be rest assured that Noori’s configuration ensures almost complete combustion before the flames reach the cooking surface. That means it provides intense heat without the smoke of a conventional fire, and can therefore cook everything from meat and vegetables, to pasta and stew.


The V01 can be easily moved thanks to its tripod of wheels, and comes with a burner at the base. The stove can be used by placing pans or casseroles on the surface above the heat, or by adding charcoal to the fire, Noori functions as a traditional barbecue grill. By adding an enamelled lid and a pizza stone, the rocket stove becomes a pizza oven.

So the Noori stove looks incredible and sounds almost revolutionary. The only issue? To get one sent to Europe, you will have to fork out around £2,656 (€3,000). That does include all shipping and customs taxes but it’s still hardly one for the mass market. Find out more over at the Noori Website.


If you can’t afford the £2,500 and now have a craving for some ribs, here’s what we think are the best BBQ restaurants in London!



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