The romance of staying in a treehouse has been engrained in us all since we were young. But very few of us have ever actually had the experience. But there are opportunities out there and one of the most staggering designs we’ve come across is the Pinecone Treehouse in California. Not only can you stay in it, it’s also up for sale…

Is This the Coolest Treehouse on the Planet?

Designed and built by Dustin Feider in the canopy of the Redwood forest of Bonny Doon, just outside San Jose, California, the Pinecone Treehouse was built to inspired people to more connected to nature and offers 360 degree views of the forest’s upper canopy.

Despite its stunning design, a stay at the Pinecone Treehouse is not for the faint of heart. The treehouse sits 35 feet above ground on the uphill side and almost 60 feet from the ground on the downhill side. Not only that, there are two triangle shaped see-through floor panels in the treehouse. Those with vertigo need not apply.


Entry and exit from the treehouse requires a large ascent and descent via the steep alternating step entry ladder, as well as a pass through the trap door entrance of the abode. The Pinecone itself only contains views and a bed. The accommodation’s bathroom is located at ground level in a mini treehouse and includes a hot shower, composting toilet and sink.

The incredible Pinecone Treehouse is actually currently up for sale – head over to the O2 Treehouse Website for more details. But if you just want a night at the abode, it is also available to book over at Airbnb for £237 a night. Though baring one weekend in June, it looks to be completely booked up until 2020.


If you’re looking for a treehouse experience much closer to home, check out the stunning Origin Tree House in France, Designed by Atelier-Lavit, it’s available on Airbnb now for £288 a night.



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