No matter how many times we’re told to get a protective case for our smartphone, some of us will just never be able to get on board with cladding our device in cheap fluorescent plastic. But Roxxlyn isn’t your average iPhone accessory maker. Instead of typical rubbers, the German company offers cases made from quarried minerals as old as 350 million years old.

Roxxlyn's iPhone X Cases Are Made from 350 Million Year Old Rock

Though it may seem mad to protect your iPhone with something almost as precious as the phone itself, it’s hard to deny the beauty of Roxxlyn’s range of cases for the iPhone. Made in Germany from the likes of granite, quartz, marble, and slate, each case is machined with diamond tools for precision, engraved with high performance laser, and sanded to a smooth finish.

Weighing in at just 50 grams and only 0.7mm thin, the luxury two-piece iPhone accessories feature intricately chiselled layers of sliced stone which are securely fastened to an anodised aluminium body frame. It’s then attached to a protective layer of Alcantara or vegetable leather keeping devices safe while you’re using it.


The process begins with the formation of stone layers from genuine stone rocks. Roxxlyn’s most basic option is some genuine slate stone mined and extracted in India, but they also offer a genuine marble case as well as a hand-made case from the genuine precious stone Tigers Eye.

The Roxxlyn iPhone X case collection is available now over at the Roxxlyn Website where prices start at £79.92 for the slate and rise to £398.59 for the Tigers Eye. Given the price-bracket of Roxxlyn’s creations, it’s hardly surprising that a fair amount of customisation is offered with each case, including frame colours, veneers and size.


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