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Schemata Architects Reimagines Japanese Capsule Hotel

A new stunning capsule hotel has just opened in Tokyo called ℃ or ‘Do-C’. The project was completed by Schemata Architects who renovated the former eight storey Shibuya hotel, pairing old sleeping cabins with a suite of timber-lined saunas.

The ℃ project was commissioned by Nine Hours, a hotel brand in Japan that have opened numerous capsule hotels recently in a bid to reinvent the genre for the 21st century. The ℃ hotel was the first renovation undertaken by the company with Schemata commissioned to modernise the image of the old capsule hotel.

To achieve this, the architects’ applied palettes and materials that they felt would complement the old capsules as much as possible. This meant wood featured heavily with dark screed used for flooring, plywood used for doors and frames, and FRP plastic used for retro-looking furnishings and the bathroom fixings.


The biggest change to the interior was the addition of saunas on first and seventh floors – hence the hotel name. According to Schemata, the aim was to break down the stereotype in Japan that old capsule hotels look like saunas. As such, Finnish löyly saunas were imported alongside some multi-stage cold baths.

The Schemata Architects’ ℃ Hotel is now open and those looking to try out the capsule hotel can do so for around £35 a night. Head over to the Schemata Website to see more of their recent works.


In other Japan news, artist Emmanuelle Moureaux’s ‘Colour of Time’ installation features 120,000 paper number cut-outs to create a rainbow visualising the passing of time.



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