With vinyl sales still going strong and showing no signs of slowing down, turntables especially are becoming ever more exotic. But while your LP player options are more diverse than ever, it’s taken some time for turntable stands to catch up. Which is why we’re so in love with the Open 45 Credenza by Sitskie.

We Adore This Turntable Stand by Detroit-Based Design House Sitskie

Many record collections are hidden from sight in cabinets, stacked anonymously on shelves, or stored too low to reach comfortably. The modular Sitskie Open 45 Credenza is looking to change all that by keeping your records in sight and ready to play on their stunning wooden stand, which also has room for your player, speakers and headphones.

It’s designed and made by Sitskie, a Detroit-based design studio and purveyor of innovative, locally crafted furniture. The company was founded in 2012 by husband and wife team, Vanessa and Adam Friedman, and as well as the Open 45, they produce a load of other ergonomic furniture, such as armchairs and sleek benches.


The modular system of the Open 45 means it’s flexible enough for all sorts of configurations. Shelving sits atop of some wooden legs and the slotted interior allows things to be moved around to achieve your optimum setup. There’s also a discrete cord channel which runs the length of the piece, meaning you can keep wires out of sight.

Available in 5ft or 7ft lengths, the Sitskie Open 45 Credenza also comes with matte black or brass legs finish and is available over at the Sitskie Website.


If you’re looking for a beautifully sculptured wooden turntable to go on top of your new stand, take a look at this gorgeous Audiowood x Uncrate Barky.



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