Always on the lookout for the most interesting abodes on the planet, our search takes us to Texas and this incredible guest house designed by Studio 512. Called ‘The Hive’, it features angled walls clad in wooden shingles and an interior with angled walls throughout.

Studio 512 Design Beehive-Like Guest House in Texas

Created for TV producer in Austin, Texas, the two-storey Hive sits behind the main house and will primarily be used as a guest house. Totalling 550 square feet, it features a kitchen and living room at ground level, as well as a bedroom and office upstairs.

The Hive is characterised by its incredibly irregular shape akin to a beehive. But while it is for aesthetical purposes, there is also a very practical reason for it. Thanks to local laws, the guest house could only have a footprint of 320 square feet. So make the space feel larger in volume, Studio 512 added a floor and incorporated walls that slant outward.


Adding to the ‘beehive’ concept, walls on the outside of the building are clad in large cedar shakes that were made using old roofing material, while various-sized windows are framed in white and mean the relatively small space is flooded with natural light throughout the day.

Upon entry, visitors will find themselves in an open-plan living room/kitchen, where walls lean outwards to allow for more counter top space. At the top of the stairs, there’s a built in desk space to maximise functionality, as well as a bedroom with queen-sized mattress and bathroom.


In the bedroom, the space widens at knee heights, while in the bathroom the shower is at its widest point from the torso to the head with tall and narrow ceiling designed to provide room for rising steam.

Check out more info over at the Studio 512 Website.


In other design news, last month Bjarke Ingels Group (BIG) received zoning approval for the ambitious King Street West development in Toronto, which is set to feature stacks of cubes arranged in an undulated form to create a series of ‘peaks and valleys’.



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