Super Veloce Reveal Espresso Machine Based on a Porsche 933

Have you ever wanted a coffee machine modelled on Porsche’s iconic 993 air-cooled flat-six engine? Of course you have. Which is why the crafters of ‘mechanical art’, Super Veloce, have just released a new innovative engine-themed espresso machine called the RS Black Edition.

Described as ‘aggressive and masculine’, the RS Black Edition espresso machine pays tribute to an iconic engine from the world of racing – the legendary Porsche 993 flat-six engine. Even though it pumps out its fuel in caffeinated form, the RS Black is shaped like a suopercar engine, complete with anodized black cylinder heads, carbon fibre cam covers, and polished velocity stacks.

Unlike its previous iteration of the boxer engine, this “RS Black” version sees a completely blacked-out makeover and is constructed from aerospace-grade materials like surgical stainless steel, aluminium alloy, titanium, and carbon fibre.

Super Veloce Porsche RS Black Edition 3

Made for the die-hard Porsche fanatic who is also a coffee addict, the machine measures in at 380mm x 420mm x 340mm and weighs 21.5kgs. Rather aptly, there’ll also only be 993 of the RS Black Editions made.

The Super Veloce RS Black Edition will set you back around £8,931 (€10,200), though that price does exclude delivery and customs duties as well as VAT. Head over to Super Veloce to order this 1-of-993 espresso machine.

Super Veloce Porsche RS Black Edition 1
Super Veloce Porsche RS Black Edition 4

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