With the UK weather set to hit 30°C this week, chances are you’re going to looking for any way possible to keep cool. And one of the coolest ways, figuratively and literally, to keep cool this summer is with the minimalist The Garden Shower by German design studio Tarantik & Egger.

Tarantik & Egger Minimalist Freestanding Garden Shower

Made from a series of pipes joined together by hidden patented connectors, The Garden Shower is a simple freestanding design, which connects directly to a garden hose. Made in several steel sections, the shower appears like a single pipe that loops around itself at the base to form a sturdy stand.

It’s designed by Tarantik & Egger, a Bavarian design house who specialise in product consultancy. Its form ‘gives tribute to the natural flow of water’, and is a complement for any contemporary garden or swimming pool. The Garden Shower is free-standing and can stand on grass, stone, tiles, or sand, meaning there’s no need for any fixings.


The hidden shower head produces ‘a beautiful single-drop stream that feels like summer rain’, while the patented parts of the Garden Shower are demountable and are specially produced by aircraft maker Dornier. This means you can easily store it away in winter.

Having been first shown at Milan Design Week last year, The Garden Shower by Tarantik & Egger is now available to buy over at the Die Gartendusche Website. The only issue? It’s not exactly cheap, coming in at €390 + €30 for international shipping from Germany. That works out at around £375. It is beautiful though…


In other design news, Swedish giants recently collaborated with THE NASA for the RUMTID Collection, a series of items designed especially for the need of ever shrinking small living spaces.



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