Forever on the search for the most interesting abodes on the planet, our latest journey takes up to the Far East. Located in Osaka, Japan, feast your eyes on this incredible multi-level platform house designed by Japanese studio Tato Architects. Connected by a sequence of wooden steps, the house functions as one giant single room.

Have Your Mind Blown by This Tato Architects Platform House

The platform house by Kobe-based Tato Architects was developed for a family of three who wanted to create a connected interior that evokes a stronger connection between them. The home has enough space for a typical two-storey space, but is instead divided up using a series of angular floors to create various zones with specific functions.

There are 13 ‘floors’ in total, seven of which are suspended from the roof beam, with the other six raised up on square steel pipes. Each level is raised 70cm above the one below, with the idea being that as well as working as its own separate space, the floor surfaces can also be used as additional tables or shelves.


From ground level, the floors spiral upwards along two sides of the space, converging at a central living area. The levels then branch off again into the main bedroom and a bathroom at the top of the house, before ascending up to a pair of roof terraces. Each level is connected to the next by a short set of steps featuring a black metal frame and timber surface.

Head over to the Tato Architects Website to see more of their works. All images taken by Shinkenchiku Sha.


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