If you’re into your boat and maritime innovations, feast your eyes on the Foiler, a game changer in yacht design. Dubbed ‘The Flying Yacht’, the Foiler comes with a cutting-edge hull design and retractable carbon fibre hydrofoils that delivers strength, rigidity and speeds, whilst flying along 1.5m above the water to deliver a smooth and quiet passenger experience.

The Foiler 'Flying Yacht' Is a Game-Changer in Maritime Innovation

The Foiler is a radical evolution from any regular yacht. And that’s thanks to its fully carbon fibre hull which not looks like its ready for 007, but also promises for an easier take-off, a smoother landing, and more comfortable sailing without using the foils. The retractable foils do however just add to the experience.

Certified for 8 passengers, the Foiler is the creation of Enata Marine, yacht specialist based in the United Arab Emirates’ third biggest city Sharjah. The Foiler’s 4 patented foils have been designed to provide auto-stability and ensure a comfortable ride by removing the movement generated by the waves’ impact on the hull.


With the foils in place, the Foiler flies 1.5m above the sea. This means that it seamlessly masters rough weather at full speeds and won’t slam in the waves like normal yachts. The foils and rudders also provide an amazing grip in the water that give the yacht the ability to turn like no other.

The foils themselves are fully retractable through a patented system. It switches in just a few seconds from foiling to Archimedean mode. So when moored, the foils and torpedoes are totally out of the water, staying dry and clean, and thus reducing the maintenance required.


The Foiler moves too. Thanks to its two 320hp hybrid BMW engines, the yacht can reach speeds of up to 40 knots, while also being able to cruise up to 10 knots in full electric mode, and reduce the overall fuel consumption by 20% over a traditional yacht.

The Foiler ‘Flying Yacht’ is available to order now over at the Foiler Website where the time between a confirmed order and delivery is 12 months.


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