The ultimate work-from-home desk? – Pith & Stem DropTop

So many of us are working from home these days but few of us are lucky enough to have a home office or even a spare room that can be converted into a workspace. Pith & Stem might have just created the ultimate work-from-home desk for those of us without space to spare.

Pith & Stem are based in Hertfordshire, UK and they make sustainable furniture. The DropTop, Pith & Stem claim, is the world’s first fully-integrated, plug-and-play, wall-mounted workstation. It’s no coincidence that it’s been launched a year after after we first went into lockdown. A year that may have forever changed the way we work.

The workstation is made from FSC® certified birch plywood and therefore is sustainable as well as stylish. Pith & Stem say that for every DropTop sold, they will plant ten trees through its partner Tree Nation – a global non-profit focused on afforestation, agroforestry and reforestation.

“Working from home comes with many environmental, social and economic benefits. Nonetheless, many people have come to dislike it over the past year, even though it was once their dream! Factors behind this include it being uncomfortable, the lack of correct tools or workspace, and the inability to find that work-life balance. We can’t let these be an obstacle to something that has such a positive environmental impact, however. That’s why we created a home-working solution that fits every space and makes productivity fun, comfortable and stylish.”

Stefan Husanu, Pith & Stem CEO

The basic idea behind the DropTop is that when not in use it folds back towards the wall and can display artwork or a large picture of your choice. You can choose from a range of images selected by Pith & Stem or send them your own high-res image. Personally, I think a black board would have been a cool option too.

Once open, you have two screens, space for a laptop (or Mac Mini sized computer) as well as a range peripherals. There’s a single cable that connects to your laptop that can also charge it as well. We’re not sure at this time if you can buy it without the monitors and install your own but it would make sense if you could.

The DropTop is easy to install and once in place can support a surprising amount of weight. Pith & Stem even tested it with a whole human being jumping on it.

You can personalise the interior finish of the desk by choosing from either black or white satin finish. The exterior finish is also customisable to suit your home. Choose from American Walnut, Classic Wenge, White Ash or Sombre Walnut wood laminates. Head over to and use their configurator to make your ideal home desk unit.

The DropTop starts from £1099 and is available to order now.