In an effort to create a carbon-neutral hotel design that could be installed in various locations across the world, WSP and the Innovation Imperative have come together to design the mesmerising Tetra Hotel. Constructed from a group of pods, the futuristic hotel would be made from reinforced concrete panels.

WSP Unveil the Modular Tetra Hotel Concept

The Tetra Hotel is designed to offer carbon-neutrality in remote locations. Standing at 19-metres tall, each pod would be laid out in different formations depending on the needs of the hotel. The pods are designed to be stable in groups of four and can be used for whatever function is needed on site.

The pods at the hotel would be constructed with panels made from local materials and fabricated onsite. According to WSP, the hotel will be constructed using a mobile field factory, which will not only reduce delivery challenges, it will also allow the concept to be released in geographically interesting locations.


The interiors of the pods would be laid out on multiple platform levels connected by stairs. A double bed would sit on the topmost platform underneath a large skylight, with a bathroom level beneath it. On the third level there’s space for a living area and there’s even room for a study at the base.


The team behind the hotel say a typical hotel will have 42-suites with amenities, while pods could also host bars, restaurants, galleries and shops. The facades are completely customisable, with glazed panels optional to create viewing areas in the communal spaces.

The Tetra Hotel is currently in proof-of-concept stage, but sites in Cape Verde, Norway, Canada, New Zealand, Spain, Portugal, Andorra, Hungary and the UK are all currently under consideration. The first locations are due to be revealed this summer.


In other out-there design news, feast your eyes on the Waya concept, a self-sufficient floating city-hotel of modular pyramids which is offering investors citizenship of Wayaland in exchange for funding.



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