Ethics Policy

Green Seven Media is conscious of its responsibility to its readers and clients in ensuring that there are no legal or ethical breaches, and in order to be clear about how that applies, we have set out the following statements of principle:

1 – No advertisement will be accepted and published if it contains anything that may breach laws created to defend the rights and dignity of people with protected status or minority groups.  

2 – Average Joes will not help to promote gambling, recreational drug use or smoking.

3 – No advertisement for dangerous weapons or banned items will be accepted.

4 – Average Joes is apolitical and will not promote any political party.

5 – Average Joes will not promote any faith or religion.

6 – No advertisement for any gadget or equipment that encourages unlawful behaviour will be accepted.

7 – Average Joes reserves the right to reject any advertisement or advertorial that it believes conflicts with the core values of Green Seven Media.

8 – All reviews, tests, first drives or other articles where opinion is shared by our editorial team will be wholly independent. Average Joes will always make it clear when an advertiser has sponsored an article or feature.