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BI Norwegian Business School Wants to Turn You into a Celebrity

Ever wondered what it’s like to be famous? Well, now is your chance. And the best bit is you don’t need to get your kit off or even apply for a reality show! All you need to do is want to further your business education at one of the most renowned schools in Europe. The ‘A Flying Start’ campaign by BI Norwegian Business School in Oslo is encouraging students abroad to apply to become the school´s new, international student celebrity.

Moving abroad for any reason can be a daunting prospect with new surroundings, new languages and new people. The goal of the BI campaign is to present Oslo as a city where international students quickly will feel at home.

The chosen student will get his/her name and interests widely exposed all over Oslo. And by ‘exposed’, they really mean it. We’re talking billboards, posters, in magazine ads and TV commercials. Even the soda machine in the cafeteria will sell cans branded with the student´s name. Rather awesomely, fellow BI students will be rewarded with a can if they learn how to pronounce the student´s name correctly!

BI Norwegian Business School faces stiff competition from European cities like London, Paris and Berlin. Many Joes and Janes think of Oslo as a city situated in the further corner of Europe, and this makes attracting international students challenging. But judging by the campaign video Oslo looks to us be to a colourful, charming and exciting city for students to study in!

While the campaign shows a great sense of humour, the BI Norwegian Business School is no joke. It’s the largest business school in Norway and the second largest in all of Europe and is far better ranked than some of the more known schools. Today the school hosts more than 1800 students from 106 different nations all over the world and the number is steadily increasing year by year.

We love this campaign and think it’s a great opportunity for any Joe with a sense of adventure and ambition. Check out the video below and head to the BI Website for more details!



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