Last updated on November 15th, 2015 at 12:08 pm

Joes on Pinterest

Many of you have heard of Pinterest, in-fact I am sure quite a large number of you are on Pinterest. Here at Joes we love using it to quickly pin a picture or video we love of the coolest things we can find.

Although it has been available in the UK since launch, it has always been through the US based version of the site with no filtering or changes of any kind. Well that is now all change as Pinterest has officially launched in the UK.

As part of this, they are re-introducing their Pin it Forward campaign, where people like us choose our favourite boards and promote them to you, the pinners of the UK. We could have gone for something obvious like cars, but we wanted to be a little different and went for our Board of Geekery, and check it out below:

You can head over and register now, join us and get pinning!

And who will we Pin it Forward to? To our sister of course, so also sign up to Average Janes.



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