Now this will come as no surprise, Lynx like to be a little out there when it comes to their campaigns and marketing. Huge budgets obviously help, but just a want and necessity to be the best, and ultimately different, enables them to push the envelope.

Lynx: Make Love Not War

After last year’s blockbuster of Apollo, most recently it is of course the latest Lynx Peace range, and the campaign Make Love Not War. The adverts are quite hilarious, but also serious and somewhat humbling at the same time. A parody of South Korean leader Kim Jong-un (though of course they wouldn’t admit it) bringing love and happiness to the world instead of impending war and doom.

We here at Average Joes believe that motto should be grabbed with both hands, and we have put together 5 sure fire ways to make your summer one of smiles, happiness and damn right love!


Music makes the world go round, and in a word, it really does. It can make or break anything, from your mood, television adverts and even the latest films. Put them with the right soundtrack and you will remember them for ever, Drive anyone? Make sure your summer playlist is upbeat, soulful and most of all fun. It needs to make you want to tap your feet, nod your head, and ultimately be happy!


Now what we really wanted to put was ‘Beer Garden’, but becoming a little wiser in years, we thought we best extend this to the outdoors. Least this way we can also include an awesome day at the beach?? Shows, fairs and village type fetes are also great for a group of friends to relax and have fun.

Ultimately if the sun is shining directly on your face, with no windows and just fresh air, you can’t fail to be happy. Add a cold drink in your hand and awesome friends by your side and we promise you the best summer ever. FACT.


We just couldn’t ignore it, but we don’t mean sitting inside all summer glued to the television for the World Cup. Get out there and experience it, and who knows perhaps even something different? Get along to a live game, go for a run, or why not get your friends in the park for an afternoon and evening game of rounders (or Frisbee). After all, you only need a bat and a ball, it couldn’t be easier!


Whether Art or Fashion is your thing, both can bring huge amounts of reward to your life. Looking good = feeling good in our opinion and you don’t need to be off spending large sums of money to find the perfect look for you. Summer is all about being cool and staying simple.

Don’t be afraid to do something different, art installations are popping up in the weirdest and most wonderful places showcasing pretty much anything. Find something local to you and give it go. Who knows, you might enjoy it!


Although we aren’t one to live life through photos, make sure you capture your very best moments. You don’t need an SLR, just your mobile or a cool instant snap camera like the new Polaroids are perfect. Just remember not to worry too much about capturing the moment, you wouldn’t want to miss experiencing it all together would you?

There we have it, no matter what you love, what your background or preferences in the smile factory, get out there and Make Love Not War this summer. Trust us, it makes the world a much better place. Check out for more information..

Although these are our own thoughts, this content is kindly sponsored by Lynx.

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