Coffee flavoured what!? – 8 Unusual coffee flavoured foods

Coffee is an incredibly versatile drink and comes in many different forms. Everyone has their own preference, whether it’s a skinny latte, an iced coffee or a straight-up shot of espresso.

But coffee’s versatility doesn’t stop there! The unique flavour of freshly roasted beans has been crafted into different dishes for some truly mind-blowing culinary experiences. Some of these have triumphed, whilst others have been forced to go back to the drawing board. With coffee shops continuously producing new flavours and variations to wow their customers, it’s no surprise that big brands and snack retailers have also released ranges of coffee infused products to tempt in coffee obsessed consumers.

Remember never to judge a book by the cover, some of these require a lot of imagination and an open mind! To reveal the most unusual coffee flavour foods created, we’ve enlisted the help of Casey Spencer, product experts at Coffee Direct.

1) Cappuccino crisps 

In 2014, Lay’s bravely created a crisp flavoured with everyone’s favourite coffee beverage,  cappuccino. The crisps had an unusual sweet and savoury combination which derives from a  dusting of unusual coffee and cinnamon flavouring. The flavour was unfortunately a fail with  customers, with many commenting that the crisp left an unpleasant aftertaste.  

2) Coffee gum 

You might think this is a weird combination since gum is normally used to diminish the  flavour of coffee breath, but Simply Gum is still going strong with their coffee flavoured  chewing gum. The gum has all the flavour of coffee with hardly any caffeine, making it the  perfect treat for coffee fans. The gum prides itself as better for the planet as it’s made from  chicle (the sap of the tree). Fans have described it as a taste sensation and a perfect  afternoon pick-me-up! 

3) Japanese coffee jelly 

Coffee jelly is made from freshly brewed black coffee and gelatine. Coffee jelly is most  common in Japan and can be found in many restaurants and convenience stores. The origin  of coffee jelly came from a branch of Japanese chain coffee shops in the 1960s, and it quickly  became a firm favourite with locals. The flavour is subtle and not too sweet or overpowering. You can also adjust the coffee flavour to the sweetness of your liking, and it makes for a  great after dinner dessert to cleanse your palette. 

4) Gourmet olive oil with Spanish coffee 

Family company Mallafre Gourmet produced a masterpiece like no other with their olive oil  pressed with Torrefacto coffee. The difference with this oil is that it’s not flavoured or  infused. Instead, the whole beans from authentic Spanish coffee are pressed together with  ripe olives and allowed to separate naturally so they can mellow. The extra virgin olive oil has  a unique flavour paired with a rich aroma.  

5) Espresso spread 

Flat Brew created the world’s first espresso flavoured spread, touting it as a simply gorgeous  wake-up call to have on your toast. The spread is made by refining dark roasted Arabica  coffee beans with cocoa butter, sugar, cream and butter. The aim is to provide customers  with a tasty yet powerful spread which is unlike anything you’ve ever tasted before. The soft  spread can be enjoyed as a breakfast or mid-afternoon snack on breads, pastries or straight  from the jar! It has become a fan favourite by revolutionising the way you get your caffeine  hit.

6) Espresso cane sugar 

Didi Davis Food created their espresso flavoured cane sugar in the hopes of adding a coffee  flavoured sprinkle to your baking treats. The product is a combination of organic cane sugar  and organic, fair trade, espresso roast coffee beans. You can add it to your coffee or espresso  martinis for an extra boost, on toast with peanut butter, and one customer even suggests  sprinkling it on bacon when it’s still warm for a tinge of coffee caramelisation! 

7) Coffee balsamic vinegar 

The creators at The Olive Scene produced an iconic espresso balsamic vinegar. It is a perfect  blend of rich espresso and dark roast coffee with sweet aged dark balsamic vinegar. The  vinegar is smooth, making it perfect for both sweet and savoury dishes, and customers love  using it as a marinade or glaze for beef, pork, duck, on a cheese board or as a unique  vinaigrette when paired with lime and various herbs. It makes for a versatile accomplice  which compliments a wide range of dishes – you can even drizzle some over ice cream! 

8) Coffee flavoured coke  

It is no surprise that Coca-Cola produced their own take on a coffee flavoured beverage.  Popular in Vietnam, the product named Coca Cola Plus Coffee is a delicious drink that aims  to give people an extra boost of energy, especially in an afternoon slump. Cold-brewed  coffee and sweetener is mixed with the classic favourite to create a low-calorie beverage, it  has more caffeine than regular coke but less than traditional black coffee. 


Featured photo by Nathan Dumlao on Unsplash