KFC’s Plant-Based Chicken Trial Sells Out in 5 Hours

Colonel Sanders’ famous 11 herbs and spices found themselves sprinkled upon a brand new plant-based fried chicken alternative yesterday (Tuesday 27th August) courtesy of KFC and Beyond Meat. The trial went ahead at a KFC chain in Atlanta and it went so well, the vegan chicken substitute sold out in less than 5 hours.

Yes, KFC has become the first fast food chain to introduce a vegan chicken alternative having partnered with Beyond Meat, a start-up in California whose mission is to create ‘The Future of Protein’ with “delicious plant-based burgers, sausage, crumbles, and more.”

The trial was announced at the start of the week, despite KFC previously stating they had no plans of introducing a vegan alternative in their restaurants. But having met Beyond Meat, the friend chicken juggernaut clearly had a change of heart, selling meatless chicken covered in their signature secret spices.


Depending on customer reaction, KFC said they would decide how to move forward with the product. And if reports are to believed, yesterday’s trial was a huge success with the selected Atlanta branch completely selling out of its supply in less than five hours, with lines outside beginning to form at 8am.

While no firm number was provided, the chain did claim that the amount of Beyond Chicken sold is equivalent to the amount of popcorn chicken the branch sells in a week. KFC are yet to comment on the reports but it would seem like a logical move for KFC following Burger King’s successful vegan Impossible Burger.

Find out more about the plant-based chicken alternative over at the Beyond Meat Website and keep an eye on the KFC Website for further developments.


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