TASTED: Future Farm Vegan Meat

Some of us are Vegans, some of us are Vegetarians and some of us just want to cut down on our weekly meat consumption. If you fit into any of those camps then the new range of food from Future Farms might just be something to take a look at. We recently tried a few of their products to see if they could replace some of our favourite meat-based meals.

I need to start by explaining my pessimism for this kind of food. I am a meat eater but I also love meals that contain zero meat and none of them are trying to present they are anything but what they are. The idea of creating fake versions of meat products is not something that has ever really excited me. Mostly because these meat-free meat products usually taste a bit odd. Your brain knows you’re trying to trick it and it isn’t easily fooled. But, I am trying to reduce my meat intake and limiting meat to treats and special meals. As a result my diet has featured more and more vegan and vegetarian options. That’s why, when Future Farms offered to send me some of their products, I was more than interested.

Future Farms is a Brazilian operation that wants you to “live life on the veg”. They are well aware that they hail from a country that eats and produces a lot of meat products. I guess that means they have very high standards when it comes to taste and texture. The Future Farms range consists of Sausages, Burgers, Mince, Meatballs and Chicken. All made from plants.

They sent us a few sausages, a couple of burgers, a handful of meatballs and decent portion of mince. Of all the products, my favourite was the mince. I’d happily have it instead of beef mince for a Spaghetti Bolognese or a bowl of Chilli. It had good texture and the flavour was great (even if it’s mostly obscured by the sauce). The Burgers and meatballs were both equally good. They’re not totally close to their meaty alternatives but the texture and flavour was very nice and I had no trouble stuffing them into my face. The weakest for me was the sausages. They were by no means bad. They look more like the real things than any other meat-free sausage I’ve seen. Cooked well, they could fool many people. My issue lies in the mastication. They just don’t feel like a sausage to chew. They need a decent amount of sauce to keep them from feeling a bit dry in the mouth. That being said they did taste better than any veggie-sausage I’d ever eaten before.

Overall the Future Farms range is well worth checking out if you already are or are planning to go meat-free. Their flavours are really rather good and most importantly they look good on the plate. Especially if, unlike me, you’re not pessimistic about food trying to pretend it is something it is not.