TASTED: Opihr ready-to-drink Gin & Tonic

We’ve just looked out of the Average Joes office window and we can see sunshine and blue skies. That means one thing – Get the BBQ out! You’ll need a cold drink to go with it and beer would be the obvious choice. But if you don’t fancy a beer but want the convenience of a beer, a ready-to-drink G&T from Opihr might be just the drink for you.

Firstly we want to provide a public service with this article. How do you pronounce Opihr? It’s quite easy really – It’s simply ‘o-peer’. Despite how simple it is, we’ve been saying it wrong for years! With that out of the way, let’s talk about their ready-to-drink range. Their premixed range includes four flavours; G&T with a Squeeze of Grapefruit, G&T with a Dash of Ginger, G&T with a Twist of Orange and a classic G&T.


GIN & TONIC: The pre-mix classic serve of OPIHR Spiced London Dry Gin and bespoke tonic.

GIN & TONIC WITH A SQUEEZE OF GRAPEFRUIT: A refreshingly crisp ready-to-drink with Pomelo Grapefruit sourced from South-East Asia, mixed with OPIHR’s bespoke tonic.

GIN & TONIC WITH A DASH OF GINGER: OPIHR’s ready-to-drink signature serve with elevated Indian ginger and premium tonic mix.

GIN & TONIC WITH A TWIST OF ORANGE: A zesty OPIHR pre-mix G&T with bursts of rich Spanish orange and tonic made in-house.

Opihr have taken their already popular oriental spiced gin range and coupled it with their own bespoke tonic to make their interpretation of the perfect G&T. They come in either a glass bottle or a metal can (we prefer the taste from the glass bottle) and the range of flavours should suit most gin lovers. We’ve tried the full range and the one with a dash of ginger seems to be our favourite but there wasn’t one we didn’t enjoy.

The glass bottle has an easy twist of cap so you can easily slip them into your picnic basket or keep drinking when you’ve lost that elusive bottle opener. The bottle design is quite pleasing too and looks like a shrunken version of the full-size gin bottle.

We’re big gin fans in the Average Joes office and sometimes we just don’t want to mix our own. These are the perfect companion to a summer’s afternoon in the garden. They taste great and are the perfect alternative to a cold beer.

Available in most major supermarkets. Enjoy!