TESTED: Melitta ePour Coffee Machine

In the last 18 months we’ve spent more time at home so getting that good coffee fix has been hard. You could try various instant coffees and powders but what you really want is proper coffee without breaking the bank. That’s where the Melitta ePour comes in.

I have to get my coffee fix in every morning and like many of us, instant coffee just doesn’t do it for me. Yes there are some decent ones out there but it’s not the same. I have been using a Nespresso machine for the last two years but the monthly cost is high, especially as I find a decent strength cup needs two pods to fill. So when Melitta sent over the ePour for our 2021 Fathers Day Gift Guide it went straight into my kitchen.

I’m a bit of a novice when it comes to filter coffee machines. I had always assumed they were the cheap nasty things in American offices. Not something used by people who like good coffee. The ePour is a little different though. Rather than slowly pour hot water over ground coffee and hope for the best, Melitta have engineered the ePour to make better coffee.

If starts with the 360 degree rotating head that pours the water over all of the coffee rather than just the bit in the middle. This way all of the coffee you’ve added contributes to the flavour of the finished cup. But before this happens, your coffee needs to ‘bloom’. Thanks to the pre-brewing function, the coffee is dampened with hot water and has a short time to expand. This allows the coffee to “bloom slowly and the fine coffee aromas to develop fully” according to Melitta. I can confirm this works as you can switch the function off. The coffee has a distinct smoothness with it on and it only adds a small amount of time to the brewing cycle.

Once the coffee is made there is a hot plate that keeps the liquid at the optimum drinking temperature for up to 40 minutes. Or for me, it allows me to set the machine going before I get in the shower and still have hot coffee once I’m ready to leave the house. It’s one of those simple features I didn’t know I needed.

If you fancy a cup part way through the cycle, you can remove the jug and it will stop the coffee coming through until you replace the jug again. It has a range of other useful features like; dishwasher safe jug and filter holder, LED limescale indicator, removable water reservoir with cup markings to ensure easy filling (although I have rather large mugs so I find it’s easier to fill the mug with water and pour into the reservoir to make sure you make enough for my needs – 2 cups minimum!) and a simple touch panel to control it all. I also like the size. It doesn’t take up much more space on my counter than my Nespresso machine and is far easier to keep clean.

Overall I’m really happy with the ePour and it has become a permanent fixture in my kitchen. I’m also enjoying trying different ground coffees from various places. Some of my favourites have been from Lidl’s Deluxe range and they are really cost effective.

The Melitta ePour costs £199.99 and can be ordered on their website.