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A Singles Warehouse

In the past dating sites have had a certain stigma attached to them. Many felt they were holding a sign, saying ‘I can’t get a date’. However over the past few years the tides have been changing with a growing number of young, beautiful women signing up for sites, aiming to find their man rather than going to some little grotty club on a Saturday night. I know countless single, female friends who are on such sites, some freely admit it while others don’t, but we can assure you that they are on there! And in the most part they are hot as well! So is it time men swallowed their pride and signed up? Well, we have done some investigation to find out…


We selected Singles Warehouse as our chosen field of battle. it looks cool, clean and has a youngish feel to it, including a regularly updated blog which we like (the series called ‘single girl in the city’ is worth a read, no idea who she is, but if you are out there get in touch!!). They don’t spend millions on TV advertising like some bigger, well known sites and this suited us. After signing up, everything seemed pretty simple and clear so we were confident even we would be able to use it. After uploading a couple of pictures and of course some general spiel about ourselves we found it to be pretty simple and the response from support was quick (they human check all picture and information uploads it seems, great to keep out time wasters and spammers). We browsed through to see what the talent was like (imagine walking round your local bar or club) and then upgraded our account to full member (just like buying a drink!).

We signed up with our hometown in Norwich, which we flipped part way to London to give a fair representation of different size cities.

London was as you would expect, large numbers of pretty much whatever takes your fancy, they were more open to conversation and the like, in a nutshell it was much easier. We would be contacted quite randomly by women who seemed genuine, and there definitely wasn’t anyone I suspect of not being real. They were forward and obviously confident, I would imagine using dating sites for a while. Some of them were looking for ‘the one’ while others seemed much more happy with a random f*** buddy for the evening. One girl we met had been on 6 dates in 2 weeks, unsure of our safety we swiftly made our excuses and a quick exit…

Norwich was slightly different, although quite a few potential ‘dates’ not as many were recently active or online a lot which meant it was hard to strike up a conversation with someone. Many of the contacts initiated by others tended to be older women, and while I don’t mind that, you could tell the difference between Norwich and London. From what we could gauge and speaking to people, the women here got many many more messages than those in London, I guess it’s a numbers game. It just proves that your profile and banter must be top notch, but hey, we got a few dates, so I am pretty sure you can too?

As with all websites, there will be some people you really don’t want to talk to for obvious reasons; however in the whole the quality seems to be pretty high. The thing to remember with dating websites is that in the most part, everyone is there for the same reason. They actually want a date and they want to be with someone, so if that’s you then I suggest you swallow your pride and sign up right now!

We have a few tips for a great profile!

  • A good picture is a must, even more than one to show you have a whole head / body… Don’t go and post pictures of your failing abs though, seriously? This is not bebo…
  • A good and honest profile which is mildly interesting and not too short. Spend some time writing and thinking about. Maybe even have it checked? However DO NOT seem desperate, avoid talking about your STDs, debts and your ex missus.

First impressions count, make it a good one!

There you have it, we suggest you go and give it a whirl (for free of course) now!




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