Agent Provocateur iPhone App

Agent Provocateur iPhone App

Agent Provocateur iPhone App

We haven’t featured an iPhone app for a while but this app is surely worth a mention. Probably your girlfriends favourite sexy underwear provider (if you can afford it!), Agent Provocateur, have released a new app where you can undress an extremely hot model just by tilting the phone upside down. Sounds brilliant doesn’t it? Well the app itself is probably the biggest disappointment of the 2011 app world so far. The pictures, are displayed upside-down (to make the dress fall) and the only interaction you get is to click a button to go through the AP website.

I worry we will see more and more of these low cost, un-thought apps as people jump on the bandwagon. Here we have one of the biggest and most respected lingerie brands in with world, Agent Provocateur delivering, let’s be honest, a terrible app with no purpose. Yes it is for free but by the time you spend time downloading it, I bet you wish you hadn’t. They easily could have included a menu navigation allowing people to browse new collections and a pre Valentines day launch would have been fairly obvious (AP can have that marketing plan for free).

However, one of the bigger pictures here is that this is one of the first ‘sexy’ apps to appear on the app store since the good old days of ‘gym babes’ et al. Apple placed a ban on adult apps due to complaints from parents and the fact that an 8 yr old could download these terrible (awesome) apps. You may have heard that Playboy will be releasing an app that featured full frontal nudity, we are assured that isn’t the case and all nudity will actually be viewed via your browser, and the app will just be a ‘portal’ allowing Apple to keep their hands green, I mean clean!

Perhaps Apple are slowly loosening their chastity belt and letting more risque apps through, or has this one slipped through the net? Will AP invest a few more pennies and actually make this a useful app as it has got the potential? Fingers crossed.

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