It was only matter of time wasn’t it? With VR technology becoming more and more advanced and headsets getting cheaper by the day with the rise in popularity, it’s no great surprise to see virtual reality has reached the world of cam girls!

AliceX Virtual Reality Girlfriend

AliceX is a new service that offers ‘companionship’ through its virtual reality service. The website claims to offer a ‘virtual girlfriend experience’ but we’re not sure how much Neflix be watching or how much cooking you’ll be doing together… The service offers real-time audio communication and the ability to look around 360-degrees for a new level of immersion.

Essentially AliceX is a 24-hour webcam site with real models acting as your ‘girlfriends’. While that’s obviously nothing new, the virtual reality aspect is interesting. While you’d need a VR headset, AliceX doesn’t use apps – the only other piece of equipment you’d need is a smartphone or computer with internet to open the browser.

AliceX Virtual Reality Girlfriend 1
AliceX plans on making its site compatible with the Oculus Rift, but currently you’ll need to use a smartphone with Android 5.0 or higher. That means no iPhone. You’ll also need Chrome 47+.

If you want to try out AliceX’s new virtual reality ‘girlfriend’ experience, head over to the AliceX Website where they offer a low-budget cardboard headset to test out the product and offer a more advanced model if you find the service to your liking. Your girlfriend’s show are then paid for by using prepaid coins.



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