Ariel Winter for Composure Magazine

It’s always disconcerting seeing child actors become young adults before your very eyes. And it’s even more uncomfortable when said actors start to take part in revealing photoshoots. Well, that’s exactly what Modern Family star Ariel Winter has just done for Composure magazine and it’s safe to say she’s all grown up.

Famed for playing Alex Dunphy on Modern Family – as well as being the voice for Disney’s Princess Sofia – Ariel Winter began her career in showbiz at just four years old. But despite feeling like Modern Family started just yesterday, she’s now 20 years old and her womanhood is on full show in the latest edition of Composure magazine.

With 3.9 million followers on Instagram, Winter has become somewhat of a social media queen in recent years and is famed for her outspoken thoughts on taboo subjects. Nearly 360,000 people have already liked Winter’s post about the Composure shoot, which was captioned, “Never been timid.”


But with such a social media presence, it only takes a quick scroll through the comments to see that abuse from some is never far away. Winter talks about this during her interview with Composure; “Social media has become a huge platform to either tell us how we should live or bully others. These platforms have given us a way to say whatever we want, no matter how hurtful or damaging they are, from the safety of anonymity.”


This has meant that Winter has often taken breaks from her accounts, saying; “I think it is healthy to walk away and focus on the life that’s in front of you instead of the life happening on your screen,” adding, “I receive horrible comments regardless of what I post, and it gets hard not to let them affect you sometimes.”

But ultimately Winter plans of staying true to herself, offering the advice, “Be your own person and don’t listen to anyone who says differently. We are all unique!” Check out the full interview here.


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