Britney Spears has come a very long way from dresses as a school girl in Baby One More Time and hasn’t been a easy ride. Battling through additions, depression, a random skinhead and pretty much everything she fell from grace more than most. However 2014 is very much Britney is back and whilst we aren’t other interested in her music offerings, checking Britney Spears out on Womens Health magazine shows us that she may be looking as good as ever.

Britney Spears for Womens Health

Out first thought is of course to scream PHOTOSHOP, and we aren’t even talking about her abs. Does that head even belong to her?! Apparently, now at 33 this is what Britney looks like and whilst we would be very niave to think no photoshop around skin and tones went into this photoshoot, Womens Health / Britney Spears did release a small video proving that those abs are very much hers.

A new healthier life balance including swimming, yoga, and cardio training are helping Britney stay trim and we for one are pleased to see it. She is even releasing her own lingerie range, check out the video below:




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