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Helen Flanagan

It’s time for I’m a Celebrity. That time of year when our evening television takes another downward spiral with more reality type TV trash. The one saving grace is the potential for some scantily clad ladies, last year was no different with Jessia-Jane Clement and this year it seems we are pinning our hopes on Helen Flanagan. We have to say we are a little bit disappointed this year, unless you are a fan of ageing tories of course. We have Ashley Roberts, a former Pussycat Doll, but she is hardly on the level of Nicole Scherzinger. So let’s start with ex-Corrie girl (Rosie Webster) Helen Flanagan.


There we have it, the very buxom and slightly hot Helen Flanagan who is currently in I’m a Celebrity. And if you want to compare to the lovely Jessica-Jane Clement from last year!

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