We know we’re extremely late to the party but three years after the show finished, we’re finally fully caught up with Mad Men. And one character who has always caught our attention more than most is Betty Draper. But like most actors working in Hollywood, we couldn’t put out finger on where we recognised her from. So as part of our ‘Who’s That Girl’ series, we take a look at the career of January Jones.

Who’s That Girl: Mad Men’s January Jones

Having starred in numerous pilots in the US, January Jones got her first proper break when she was cast in 2003’s Anger Management alongside Adam Sandler and Jack Nicholson. That same year, she then appeared in the Dirty Dancing sequel Havana Nights before playing Stifler’s love interest in the third American Pie film, American Wedding,

2003 was a big year for Jones. Though she didn’t land a lead role, she also starred in Love Actually as one of the three housemates Kris Marshall’s Colin meets in a traditional American bar, asking him to pronounce ‘table’ and ‘straw’.


But it was in 2007 when she received her biggest break, getting cast as Betty Draper in Mad Men. She appeared in the series for seven seasons and received two Golden Globe nominations and one Emmy nomination for her performances.

More recently she starred in Unknown alongside Liam Neeson and Diane Kruger and later in Seeking Justice alongside Nicolas Cage and Guy Pearce. Most recently she played Emma Frost in X-Men: First Class. Often noted for her similar looks to Grace Kelly, Jones has unsurprisingly also had a very successful modelling career. Take a look at some of her hottest images below…


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If you’ve been watching Netflix’s GLOW, you may well be struggling to place Jones’ co-star in Mad Men, Alison Brie AKA Trudy Campbell.



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