A young Aaliyah said: Age aint nothin’ but a number. A phrase being embodied by Kate Moss in her latest shoot for Playboy Magazine.

Kate Moss for Playboy

The shoot marks the 60th anniversary of the iconic adult magazine and the shoot sees the British supermodel clad in a Playboy bunny costume complete with bunny ears, cuffs, collar with bowtie, and fluffy tail amongst other outfits including her birthday suit some 60 years after Marilyn Monroe graced the cover of Hugh Heffner’s first issue.


Shot by fashion photography duo Mert & Marcus who have shot the likes of Madonna and Lady Gaga, the shoot flits between colour and shadow-rich black and white, with Kate and her razor sharp cheekbones still leaping of the editorial pages. This is all the more amazing since it is more than two decades since her supermodelling debut, as she hits 40 next month. Even so Ms Moss is still very much at the pinnacle of her powers with little sign of her fading into obscurity (She pulled in the second most money in the modelling world in 2012 and 4th most in 2013).

Jamie Hince you lucky devil you.

The Playboy 60th anniversary edition is out on Friday in the US, but you can check out the full editorial below.




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