Last updated on November 15th, 2015 at 12:08 pm

Kate Upton for Vogue USA

The ever so popular Kate Upton for Vogue USA, we should warn you, these photos may inadvertently cause you to fall in love with Kate Upton for which can accept no responsibility.

Featuring on the cover of Vogue is a pretty big deal, but when you are an American supermodel like Kate Upton, and it’s your debut cover in your home country, it’s a career defining moment. Americas fashion sweetheart makes not only the cover but an editorial feature shoot by the iconic Mario Testino in Uruguay with styling by longstanding Vogue USA fashion editor, and former model – Tonne Goodman.

The shoot has a hint of the American Aristocracy about it, with private helicopters, dinner party’s, horse riding and polo making up some of the inspiration. Kate Upton has a flicker of old school glamour, and a curvier silhouette than the average supermodel, so it’s not hard to see why she is America’s new high-fashion muse.



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