It may be one of the most confusing watches on TV, but we’re still loving season 2 of Westworld. And even though we know very little about her, there’s one character who is intriguing us more than most – and that’s the Man in Black’s daughter, Emily, otherwise known as Dutch actress Katja Herbers.

Who’s That Girl: Westworld’s Katja Herbers

Katja Herbers is a Dutch theatre, film, and television actress who is best known for her work in native Netherlands. But that doesn’t mean you won’t have seen her on your screens before. Being Dutch, it’s no great surprise that she’s multilingual and speaks Dutch, German, and English.

That means Westworld isn’t her first American television appearance. She’s had roles in Manhattan as Dr. Helen Prins, and has also had recurring smaller roles in the likes of The Leftovers, when she played Dr. Eden in the final season, and also as the cellmate of Nina in FX’s brilliant The Americans.


But it’s her work on Westworld which has really caught our attention. She plays Emily, a woman who seems determined to get her dad, played by Ed Harris, out of his obsession with ‘the game’ in Westworld. We’ve no idea how she’ll end up but we’re certainly going to be paying attention…


As part of our ‘Who’s That Girl’ series, we take a look at the sultry blond host in Westworld, ‘Angela’, otherwise known as Talulah Riley.



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