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Léa Seydoux

Born in the Paris, Léa Seydoux is a French actress and model who is making some serious waves across Hollywood having recently been cast in the new Bond – Spectre. You can’t just ignore the new Bond-girl. So we won’t.

The talented French beauty will play Madeleine Swann in Sam Mendes’ latest James Bond installment, Spectre. Just like Naomie Harris and Eva Green before her, the role is sure to firmly land Seydoux onto the celebrity map. In no way just a pretty face, she’s already hot property in Hollywood having received universal acclaim for her role in the mesmerising Blue Is the Warmest Colour where she went totally nude playing a lesbian.

Having already appeared in Mission: Impossible – Ghost Protocol, Robin Hood and Inglourious Basterds, as well as Spectre, Seydoux will be seen this year in the rather randomly titled romantic sci-fi thriller, The Lobster, alongside Colin Farrell, Rachel Weisz and John C. Reilly.

It may come as no surprise given her looks, and unmistakable resemblance to Kate Moss, that Seydoux is also a successful model too having appeared in various fashion magazines such as L’Officiel, Vogue Paris and Numero. Whatever she does, it looks clear that this Parisian goddess has a great future in both fields.




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