Put the women who prefer the ‘gentle man to one side, and what you are left with is a whole bunch of females who prefer the ‘alpha male’.

Men in Power

Horrendously stereotypical but as true as Wayne Rooney looking like a gremlin, brawny and powerful man make females feel absolutely crazed. Bringing about the animal inside of ladies, there’s something about being prey to the dominant male predator which is enough to spark a wild side- certainly making things hot!

Steroid abusing meat heads and flashy pretentious pretty boys not included, women are talking about the real men in power who are playing up top with the big boys.

The charming man who is the ultimate people person or the guy with so much ambition he was on to his first million before this peers had passed their SATs, ladies could be accused of being unrealistic and idealistic, but they know it’s the men in power who get them excited.

Yet as an increasing amount of powerful males in the limelight make a number of major slips, Ryan Giggs to name but one, it’s enough to make women question whether men in power can really stay in power? Is their dream of bagging such a man an impractical illusion?


In an era where women are proving more than ever the power of their sexuality, is this signalling a massive fall from grace for the men at the top?

Women are beautiful and even if they’re not, evidence suggests the not-so-pretty ladies have a way of making their way through the net. (One look at Arnold Schwarzenegger’s secret lover is enough to confirm this statement!)

Men falling from grace

Men may not have many weaknesses, but just one big weakness for females is enough to see women take the lead. Take one step in a strip club and you are on to the clued up women who understand male weakness more than most.

Despite popular male opinion it is not women who are the problem, more sex with women which cause the real issues.

The sad truth is that when females read about the latest man to succumb to the deathly charms of what is usually a very unappealing woman (Helen Wood- not naming names or anything!) they’re not angry but sad for men.

Sad because their blissful image of men in power becomes tainted. Disappointed because another man who demonstrated power, passion and willpower in their career, failed at what is the prettiest yet hardest hurdle.

And what sucks for men the most, is whilst sex can bring men at the top spiralling to the ground; quite often it is sex that sees women climb up the ranks.

Where is the fairness in that?



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