Middle Aged Women More Sexually Active

Researchers have found that the most sexually active age of women is 31 to 45 year-olds, with 87 per cent sexually active. 18 to 30 year-olds are 85 per cent and 46 to 54 year-olds are 74 per cent.

It also found that more than half of 18 to 30 year-olds struggle to find satisfaction between the sheets – a much higher percentage than those aged between 31 and 54 (though they could be more easily pleased…)

Now 80 odd percent of all women is a pretty high figure, which begs the question… Who is banging all these fat women..?

The survey also looked into Female Sexual Dysfunction (FSD) and found that womens dis-satisfaction came from; lack of desire (47 per cent) followed by orgasm problems (45 per cent), arousal issues (40 per cent), lack of satisfaction (39 per cent), lack of lubrication (37 per cent) and pain (36 per cent).

So if you are out on the town this weekend, we suggesting hunting for a cougar if you want to get lucky…



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