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New Celeb Big Brother Girls

It’s the show that kicked off the reality TV wagon in a big way, and it is a show we all love to hate, but there is no doubting that the odd ‘gem’ can be found on Channel 5 now, as we take a look at the best Channel 5 has to offer with the latest Celeb Big Brother Girls.

Jasmine Lennard

Previously dating Simon Cowell, Jasmine Lennard is quite easily the most beautiful girl in the house (well apart from Samantha Brick obvs!). And you can certainly see why…


Rhian Sugden

Next up we have our obligatory Celeb Big Brother Page 3 Girl, Rhian Sugden. Now you may have already seen her in our hottest twitter babes a few years ago, and she still has form, just, well, perhaps not for us… Not to mention it’s hard to find her with her clothes on (god damn that research!)


Danica Thrall

Now we are not quite sure what this girl is famous for, but damn Danica Thrall is hot! She seems to be a celeb hanger on, babechat type show girl come model and an apparent gold digger. And to be be honest, the more we look at her, the more we think about looking for our cheque book!


There we have it, the three hot girls of the celeb big brother house! As the UK could bask is some sunny weather, we declare the celeb big brother hot girl bikini content OPEN!

Let us know who you think is the hottest in the comment section below! And love this? Check out just Danica Thrall. Pictures of amazing!



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