While she might not be everyone’s cup of tea, we love Rihanna here at Average Joes. And not for the first time, Rihanna has proved why she’s one of the most talked about women on the planet as she again reveals all in her latest photoshoot for Vanity Fair.

Rihanna for Vanity Fair

The shoot took place around iconic parts of Cuba. The more politically minded of you Joes out there will know that it’s only been a few weeks since the US lifted travel restrictions to the island, so this is kind of a big deal!

The shoot takes places around various streets in the Cuban capital Havana and includes pics of Rihanna in La Rosa Street with a 1956 Lincoln Continental Mark II, one of her mobbed by hundreds of fans in Old Havana and a butt-naked jaw-dropper in the bedroom of the Josie Alonso House.

You’ll be able to see Rihanna in all of her glory as the Cover Story for the Vanity Fair November 2015 issue. All photography was taken by Annie Leibovitz and all styling was by Jessica Diehl.




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