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Stag Do Ideas: 10 of the best

For many Stag Do’s are the only chance we have to get away and let our hair down. The team well be on no less than 7 this year alone all told! But how do you keep them different and make them exciting? Well we have created a definitive list to help you add a little bit extra to your weekends antics! Try these experiences on for a stag-do with a difference:

Tank Battles

The UK is one of the best places in Europe to flex your stag do’s military might and muscle. Tanks range from small armoured vehicles to state-of-the-art of warfare Chieftains, and while it isn’t cheap, you can make a whole day of it and end up with a pretty invincible story at the end of it. You will find centres scattered all around the UK.


Earn your night out with an action-packed trip to the coast for a spot of group coasteering – Never done it? It will involve climbing, leaping, scaling and exploring the intertidal zones and caves and battling the waves around the coast, in full wetsuit and safety regalia. May sound a bit healthy but we can assure you it’s great fun! Gimptastic!


coasteering image credit: Preseli Venture.

Recording Studio

Cast your mind back to the days of Top of the Pops, marvelling at the adoring crowds of ladies screaming for boy bands, and thinking to yourself: ‘I could do that’. If you’re catering for a group of musical folk, then why not hire a recording studio and producer and put a tune together? You’ll end up with a lasting musical memento, have a blast and, depending on your talent and how much work you put in beforehand, you could have a hit on your hands. Screaming fans optional, and probably cost extra.

007 Day

James Bond – that eternal icon of suave masculine sophistication – is the polar opposite of your usual stag-do participant, and a Bond-themed stag is a classy alternative to the usual predictable shenanigans. There are various Bond-themed options, involving casinos and boats all the way up to ultra-classy Aston Martin driving experiences. Even just a suit / bow-tie evening will add a little glamour to the evening, and sure to get the attention of some potential miss moneypenny’s…


AK47 Shooting

If you’re bound for Europe on your trip, then you could take your stag party to a range to shoot targets with the legendary Kalashnikov automatic assault rifle. Okay, there are more intellectually wholesome pursuits, but it’s a historic weapon and it’d be a rapid-fire barrel of laughs. Forget COD, this is real life shooting of an AK47, hell if you are in Eastern Europe, for a few euro extra they will probably let you shoot each other!

Track Day

And while we’re on the subject of playing your dream games in real life, what stag do activity would be anywhere near as thrilling as a track day – driving your pick of the best supercars and racing your friends round a world famous circuit? It’s like GT but for real! Tip: keep an eye out for driving experience vouchers and offers to reduce the cost. Vrrooooooooooooom!

Stag Do Ideas - Track Days

Hovercraft Racing

Yes! Not only can you pay to drive a hovercraft over land and sea, but you can take your stag group and race them too. Surprisingly easy, definitely fun, there are loads of permutations from out-and-out racing on land to river-borne thrills. Slightly harder to find, but well worth it if you find a good location.



For a truly elemental and serene take on the stag do, you also need to consider paragliding. You can go in tandem or fly solo and you’ll experience the thrill of being free as a bird… in your harness, beneath a soaring cloth wing. Not for the faint hearted!



Bird and man in perfect harmony! For a stag that’s keener on country pursuits, falconry offers your group the chance to get up close and personal and bond with one of nature’s most impressive beady-eyed psychos for an unforgettable feathered encounter, that won’t get him into trouble with the future Mrs. Flat caps and Barbour jackets are a must if you actually do this!!


Referred to disparagingly as ‘housework on ice’, there’s actually much fun and satisfaction to be had from the precision, balance and teamwork of curling. Plus, you’ll be able to talk knowledgably about it come the next Winter Olympics, to the amazement of all. If all else fails, speed and power will win the day! When else are you going to give it a try?


This is on behalf of Silverstone racetrack, who offer a range of driving experiences on their world famous circuit in Northamptonshire.



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