After decades of parties and playmates, the Playboy Mansion is to be put up for sale. One of Beverly Hills’ most famous assets has hit the market and it won’t be going cheaply with an initial asking price of $2million!

The Playboy Mansion Is Up For Sale

The crown jewel of L.A.’s most sought after areas dubbed the ‘Platinum Triangle’ offers potential buyers five acres of real estate in Holmby Hills. The Playboy Mansion itself is nearly 20,000 sq ft in size and is both an uber-private while still the ultimate setting for some of the biggest and best parties in the land.

The Mansion comes with 29 rooms and every luxury you can image, including a catering kitchen, wine cellar, home cinema, game house, gym, tennis court and freeform swimming pool with a large grotto. It also comes with a four-bedroom guest house. If you so choose to have one, it also has a zoo license!

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The great news is that even though it’s officially up for a whopping $200million, it’s reportedly unlikely to sell for that amount with a similar property in the area recently going for $60million. Many experts think the mansion will go for something between $80million and $90million.

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Sounds perfect for someone with more money than they know how to use, doesn’t it? There’s just one little snag – while you won’t get any bunnies thrown in, you will have to have Hugh Hefner living with you!

The Playboy founder, now 89, must be given a life estate by whoever buys the property, meaning he can continue to live there until he passes away. Maybe not worth the $200million, then… Check out more details on the Agency Website where the Playboy Mansion is being sold.

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