What Your Girlfriend Really Wants for Christmas: Luxury Beauty

Unsurprisingly, us Joes tend to struggle when it comes to buying our Janes beauty products. With the vast array of smells and scents available – not to mention the extensive range of products you can get these days – getting it right can be a virtually impossible task!

Which is why we have again enlisted the help of our sister site Average Janes. We have five guides in total which will be released in the run up to Christmas, Days Out and Experiences, Stocking Fillers, Luxury Beauty (below), Music & Tech and Lingerie! We’ve enlisted the help of the wonderful Becky for this one…

We know most guys can do with a bit of help when it comes to buying luxury beauty products! The key thing for Christmas is to treat your girlfriend a bit. Buy her a few luxury beauty items that she wouldn’t necessarily splash out on herself and we can guarantee there will be smiles on Christmas morning!

Here’s a few of our luxury beauty favourites for Christmas 2015.

Claudia Winkleman beauty range

Claudia’s hot new beauty range will definitely earn you brownie points this Christmas and it’s easily available at M&S. If your girlfriend has a glossy waterfall of perfect hair, get her the gorgeous-smelling ‘The Answer’ conditioner set. If she never leaves the house without perfectly-winged eyeliner, then the ‘Use More Absolutely Loads’ eye kit is a must to get Claudia’s signature look. Claudia’s ‘Favourites’ collection even includes a bag of Percy Pigs. Make up AND sweets? That’s a winner in our eyes!

Claudia’s range is available from Marks & Spencer. There’s a sale currently on with all items under £20.


Spa Finds gift sets

This award-winning range from skincare experts Spa Finds let’s you treat your girlfriend to a spa experience in the comfort of her own home (although the foot rub will be down to you!). Spa Finds’ gorgeous gift sets contain 100% natural products packed with healing Dead Sea Minerals. The formulas are vegan-friendly, with no chemical nasties – perfect for all types, including sensitive skin.

Our favourites for a Christmas treat are the Dandelion and Magik Organiks gift sets. Dandelion features the Heavenly Hydration range – deliciously-scented bath salts, body lotion and much more for deep relaxation. Magik Organiks is stuffed with goodies for a great night’s sleep – lavender and shea scents will help soothe your girlfriend off to the Land of Nod.

Spa Finds is stocked at Holland & Barrett, Debenhams, John Lewis, Feel Unique, Amazon, Tesco Beauty and www.shopforspa.com. A gift set will set you back only £35 – bargain!


Aeos luxury skincare

If you feel like really splashing out on some deluxe beauty products for your girlfriend this Christmas, take a look at the Aeos range. These award-winning beauty products are a real treat and come in gorgeous packaging. We’re lusting after the travel set – perfect if you’re planning to treat her to a trip away or if she travels a lot for work. The pretty bath salt jars also make a lovely stocking filler. If your girlfriend has had a busy year and needs a bit of indulgent ‘me’ time, Aeos is the range to treat her to.

Check out the Aeos website for all the products, starting from £24 for the bath salts.


Fenjal bath products

If you’re looking for an affordable last-minute beauty gift, Fenjal is easily available at Boots, with a selection of lovely products for under £10. Our favourite at Janes is the deep marine blue Creme Bath Oil. With a crisp, savoury scent from natural plant extracts, it’s perfect for relaxing tired muscles after a long day or tough workout. Ideal as a stocking filler.

The Fenjal range is available from Boots.


F.O.Y skincare range

This lovely range of professional skincare is fronted by Porsche Racing Driver Rebecca Jackson. The products have all been specially formulated to deal with environmental impact of wind, rain and sun – so this is the one to get if your girlfriend spends a lot of time outdoors! These soothing, natural products will repair and rejuvenate while being kind to skin. Our top picks are the Tripe Action Face Mask and Absolute Nectar Nourishing Oil.

Find out more from the F.O.Y. website.


And finally…

A little bit of Chanel

Every woman loves a little bit of Chanel, especially at Christmas. But we appreciate the price tag of a handbag is probably a bit outside your price range! Make up is hard to buy for someone else, so we reckon stick to something like a nail polish. Chanel does a gorgeous range of winter colours – pick one you think she’ll like! Our favourites for this winter are 475 Dragon and 639 Exception.

Chanel nail varnish is available at high street beauty stores, including John Lewis and Boots, from £18.


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