Christmas is almost upon us! But it’s fair to say that this time of year can be as stressful as it is enjoyable – especially if you struggle when it comes to buying your Jane gifts. So to save you a mad Christmas Eve dash around the High Street, we’ve once again enlisted the help of the lovely ladies at Average Janes to give us some top advice on what to get your girlfriend for Christmas.

What Your Girlfriend Really Wants for Christmas: Stocking Fillers

We’ve got five guides coming out over the next couple of weeks to help you solve your Christmas present dilemmas. This time round, Average Janes gives us some top advice on Stocking Fillers to treat your girlfriend with this Christmas.

It may be unnerving having to buy your partner a load of individual gifts, but stocking fillers is actually one of the easiest things to get right. It’s all about those little things she enjoys or needs. From quirky booze to the most beautiful electric toothbrush you’ll ever see – we’ve got a perfect selection of great stocking fillers!

London Tea Company Assorted Tin

Perfect gift for tea lovers, this cute Assorted Tin from the London Tea Company would make a brilliant stocking filler. The tin comes with 72 individual wrapped teabags in 9 delicious flavours: London Breakfast, Pure Camomile, Vanilla Chai, Earl Grey, Tropical Green Tea, Peach & Rhubarb, Pure Rooibos, Raspberry Inferno, Zingy Lemon & Ginger. A bargain at £20 from the Big Issue Shop.

Stitch Passport Cover

For the Jane who loves to travel, this Sitch Passport is a brilliant little stocking filler. The leather passport cover is printed with the world map and is specially perforated, so each country visited can be marked with a colourful cross. It comes with a ‘travel’ needle and thread is also included, ready to be cross-stitched with global travels. It’s available for £25 over at the Trouva Website.

Winsor & Newton Art Set

This Watercolour After Effects Gift Collection from famed art suppliers Winsor & Newton is the ideal stocking filler for any arty Jane. Designed to ‘ignite artistic journeys that will excite the mind and engage the senses’, the set includes 7 individual products including 4 different media, designed to enhance, embellish and add unique glimmering fine touches to watercolour paintings and illustrations. It’s available over at the Winsor & Newton Website for £32.

Decanting Club Wine Subscription

If your Jane is into her wine, we absolutely love this letterbox wine subscription concept from Decanting Club. The idea is simple; a 150ml glass of wine is posted through your letter box each week in a specially-designed pouch. For £25, the exclusive wines will alternate every week between red and white. But if your Jane is a purely white or red type of gal, you can also just get a couple of pouches sent every four weeks for just £10. Head over to the Decanting Club Website to get signed up!

What Your Girlfriend Really Wants for Christmas: Stocking Fillers

Bruzzoni Electric Toothbrush

It may not be the most glamourous of present ideas, but the Bruzzoni Electric Toothbrush is probably the most glam a toothbrush is ever going to get. It’s a thing of beauty and it performs well too, oscillating clockwise and counter clockwise at an astonishing 8,800 times per minute. The battery also lasts for an absolute age! It’s the perfect size for a stocking filler so head over to the Bruzzoni Website now where the toothbrush is available for around £115.

Relax Baby Be Cool Dress

OK, it might be a little too precious to fit into a stocking, but buying clothes is always a great choice for your girlfriend at Christmas. And we adore this short-sleeve button-up dress from Relax Baby Be Cool. Designed in a traditional Japanese Hokokai pattern, the dress is handmade in Estonia and features a Classic A line cut with an almost preppy touch. We know it’s daunting buying clothes for your partner – and we fully understand if you think it’s a task too tall – but the effort alone will bring a smile to her face. We promise. This dress is available in the sale on the Relax Baby Be Cool Website for £81.

What Your Girlfriend Really Wants for Christmas: Stocking Fillers

RI2K Madeline Shopper Bag

Believe us when we tell you, a Jane can never have too many bags – especially when it comes to shopping! So if you don’t mind forking out a little, we love this Madeline Shopper Bag from RI2K London. Clean lines and a contoured design are paired with leather for a practical utility bag. It’s sophisticated but also functional with a load of room inside its multitude of pockets. The top-zip design also keeps things nice and secure. Available for £175 at the RI2K Website.

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