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Where did my fun girlfriend go?

For those who have been lucky enough to have a good innings in the dating ring, we all know that come a year or two after eyes first meet, things can become a bit stale. Even the ultimate bad ass girl, can start leaving you anything but hot under the collar. This begs the question “Where the hell did your fun girlfriend go?”

Where did your fun girlfriend go?

Where did your fun girlfriend go?

Forgive me for the generalisation, but we’re all human. Everyone knows what it’s like to get caught up in the chase of the beginning of a relationship, all the spark and excitement. It’s a game of two players, each person taking the lead for a while. Maybe your girlfriend was never fun in the first place; maybe you just thought she was!

Be you a gentlemen or a lady, the truth is, predictability and being used to someone bores a lot of us. It’s not that we don’t care; we just like to be kept on our toes. Love the novelty and hate it when it wears off- it’s a story as old as The Bible.

Now here’s the other tale as old as time, sometimes you get out what you put in. If she’s suddenly become no fun, maybe it’s because you have got moody and boring. Chances are you’ve assumed that she is just like the rest of ‘those women’. Dead set on pinning you down? Desperate for your babies? Trying to ruin your career? Am I right or am I right?

The fact of the matter is she probably wants to go out and party with you like it is 1995 and would kill for a few more thrills. However, with Mr.Assumption over there guessing wrong, she didn’t even have the chance to stop being fun, because you already decided it for her.

So let us take a look at the facts, either you were so caught in by your lady’s beauty that you never realised your girlfriend’s personality was as plain as Jane all along. Or maybe you’re not playing the game right and it’s actually you that has become boring. Do yourself a favour, show her some excitement and she will undoubtedly reward you well. After all real fun girls, can not hide themselves for long!

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