So far in our ‘Who’s That Girl’ series, we’ve covered everyone from Korean YouTubers to stars of the Handmaid’s Tale, but this week we’re taking a look at probably our most interesting subject to date, Gabrielle Miller AKA the Trivago Girl!

Who’s That Girl: Gabrielle Miller AKA 'Trivago Girl'

You’ve no doubt seen her on your TV screens lately flogging you trips abroad, but there’s much more to Gabrielle Miller than just being Trivago’s advert face. The Aussie-born actress also happens to be a singer, a performance artist and a musician. Oh, and she’s also a tap dancer, a clown, a mime artists and even likes to make her own puppets… Seriously.

Born in Coffs Harbour, Australia, the Trivago woman has quite the traveller history – probably why she got the gig! She was five when she left Coffs Harbour with her parents who travelled to remote communities screening people for breast cancer. According to Miller, “I became a nomad and have stayed a nomad since.”


At 21, she then moved into a self-sufficient community before settling in Berlin where she studied physical theatre and found work as a musician and actor. Her experimental band, Zap, are made up of ‘a washboard, megaphone, ukulele, rubber chicken, some tap shoes, a trumpet, two kangaroos and some tzatziki.’

Check out more images of the Trivago Girl below…

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